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Becoming Embodied

Dr. Jordan Goldstein
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Do you struggle to balance what's important to you?

Do you fear you'll never live up to your true potential?

You must learn to unite body, mind, and spirit together.

Learn how an embodied ideal helps you grow into the person you were meant to become.

Do you struggle with:

- Lack of Self-Confidence

- No Self-Respect

- Low Energy 

- Inconsistent 

- Can't command respect at work or home  

- Soft and weak body 

- Soft and suggestible mind 

- Timid spirit 

This book will show you:

- The modern roots of your imbalanced life

- Why you struggle to gain consistent momentum

- The ancient wisdom of Embodiment

It includes these interactive features to challenge you:

- Video Lecture/Audio Recording to take you deeper 

- Challenging self-development activity "The Duel"

- Provoking Questions to go deeper

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Becoming Embodied

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